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Disclaimer: Our agents are cryptocurrency education specialists and are not financial advisors. If you want investment advise please contact your financial advisor We help with anything crypto related - Purchasing, Storing, Swapping, Selling The crypto world is a jungle for most people. We hold your hand through your learning journey through the crypto quagmire. We assist you to set up your exchange account, buy your etherium or bitcoin. Set up your metamask in your browser, link it to Uniswap. Make your first DeFi piurchase. Record all your coins in CoinGecko. At ACS, we will help you out with anything cryptocurrency related. Anything from purchasing, to storing, to basic education on the worlds next big thing since the internet. Crypto Services Australia Have you heard of Bitcoin recently? Are you looking to get into crytocurrency but don't know how to? ......well you have come to the right place. At Crypto Services Australia, we will help you out with anything crypto related. Anything from purchasing to storing to basic education on the worlds next big thing since the internet. (r. ver) Some of the Services that we have been helping people out with include ● Basic Consultation and Education on Bitcoin, through Skype, over the phone ● How to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from exchanges ( advise what documents they need to get verified etc. create Spreadsheet of exchanges and fees) ● How to set up a wallet, (suggest blockchain or exodus) as it is not recommended to store big amounts of currency on the Exchange ● How to set up your hardware wallet (hardware wallet to possibly be sold) ● How to get my coins off an exchange and into my new wallet ● How to withdraw my money to AUD, USD or some other currency ● How to get involved in HYIPs ● Basic run through how to trade on the various exchanges ● Send us your fiat currency and we will create a wallet and buy crypto on your behalf ( with a legally binding contract, stating the private key and all other information has been deleted) ● Manage your wallet on your behalf (billed either on a monthly basis or 1 time withdrawal percentage)

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