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Currently there are around 16,000 people in accommodation that is inappropriate for them, because it doesn't meet their needs. They are isolated from the community, and they really have no choice. The Summer Foundation estimate that there will be an additional 33,000 people who will come out of the woodwork and join the NDIS program. That's potentially 49,000 people needing accommodation. The NDIS is a massive social welfare program, for very vulnerable people. People with disabilties aren't going away... we're always going to need homes for them. This housing a long term problem, that is clearly here to stay, and the government is implementing a long term and very strategic solution, to meet this need. Why It's Here to Stay Reason 1: it's already passed into law with an agreement between the commonwealth, sate and territory governments. Reason 2: both sides of government support the program and see it as important. Originally proposed under Julia Gillard Labor government it's been committed to under the latest Scott Morrison government Reason 3: it saves money. This cost isn't actually new, it's already costing them more money to provide the service in other areas of the federal and state budgets. Reason 4: It wins votes. The government who try to cancel this not only costs the Australian voter more money but they are the ones who took away support for vulnerable people. Not a vote winner. Become a member today and we'll do all the hard work for you. We'll find the land, build the houses to the required high specifications required, we'll find the tenants and so much more. click on the link in our website to book in a time to speak with one of our experts who'll guide you through the mind field of information you'll need to know to take advantage of the program. You can even pay the full membership with Qoin.

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