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Too many of our entrepreneurs and innovators have fought an uphill battle trying to secure required investment capital, wading through thick government paperwork for subsidies, managing swelling costs, accessing required professional talent support without proper budget, establishing a strong internet marketing processes for new client acquisitions, expanding services globally, navigating through complex investment offering laws compliantly, and organising proper processes and documents for equity offerings. All this, while trying to focus on the main task of developing their firms' main product or service from its cradle. Entrepreneurs should be left to focus on the tasks they do best; producing innovative services/products, yet many are unable to do so with their energies being absorbed by the major distractions of tasks above. PTG Capital has been created to allow entrepreneurs to work in an environment where they can focus on their innovation to achieve success, leaving all the hindering yet required work to us. We are your all-in-one supermarket for start-ups and early stage firms. We understand that young firms at times do not have the capital required to enjoy the services they need. That is why we are reaching out to all those in need even those without a budget, sometimes accepting equity as payment, or providing finance for our services. There are clear benefits to investors too. Any firm enjoying our services has a much better chance of success and in bringing in the expected investment returns. All of our clients' firms go through our vetting process, hence assuring any company in our portfolio is of a high quality.

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