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We specialise in investments that outperform, time after time regardless of a pandemic, a recession or GFC event, a downturn in the Property Market or any other economic events. It's our core values, our tenacity to get the best returns plus the respect and loyalty we give to our clients though, that makes QA Investments a great partner in your financial future. Why risk your hard-earned money with QA Investments Smart investors are getting savvier in the way they are diversifying into alternate investments to increase their wealth. Ever since the banks have dropped their rates to record lows, it's no longer a viable option to park your money with a bank term deposit for a measly 1.9% per annum! In this time we live, with share market volatility, Covid-19, upcoming elections, unrest in a number of countries and a confirmed recession here in Australia, almost every asset class is vulnerable. QA Investments works with investment products that sit outside of this vulnerability due to their distinct qualities and industry they lie in. QA Investments focuses on alternate investments that are low risk and produce solid fixed returns. In most cases, the fixed returns are guaranteed from the perspective that the rate of return does not vary. For example, a guaranteed fixed return of 12% per annum paid monthly means the investor gets a return on their capital of 1% per month. If they invested a minimum of $100,000, they would receive $1000 per month until the end of the term. At QA, our clients and investors are our business! If we don't perform, clients will leave. If we don't stay in communication, then clients will leave. So for us, it's all about the due diligence process and ensuring that we comprehensively go deep into an investment looking at all the risks and various other factors before investing in it ourselves. Only after we have invested in it, will we recommend it to our clients.

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